Saving you time, money, and frustration. Permanent Cosmetic Makeup can enhance your natural beauty and simplify your daily routine. With eyeliner application, your eyes can appear brighter and your lashes fuller. Full lip color can make your lips look more defined and bring out their natural color. Realistic hair strokes can create beautifully shaped and dimensional eyebrows, giving you a natural and effortless look. Permanent makeup can also help restore areola color, camouflage scars, and fill in areas of vitiligo. Additionally, it can correct any previous permanent makeup applications that did not meet your expectations. Experience the convenience and confidence that comes with waking up ready to face the day, knowing your makeup will not wear off, cry off, swim off, or sweat off. Discover the beauty of permanent cosmetic makeup at Skin Oasis Institute.

Trust our Softap® technique, which uses hand implantation of color for a gentle and natural-looking result. See the difference for yourself and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of permanent cosmetic makeup. Schedule your appointment today and let us enhance your natural beauty with our technique.


With the Softap® technique, the application of implanting color into the is done by hand, no electrical devices. A set of several fine needles are dipped into the chosen pigment color and then implanted into the skin according to the desired shape and design that is most appealing to the individuals skin tone. Every client/patient is very involved with the color selection and design, seeing and approving before any color is implanted into the skin, assuring their desired results.

The chosen pigment is deposited by the needles in the hand instrument softly tapping, gently lifting the skin, depositing color in the upper layer of the dermis skin. Traditional methods of implanting color use a reciprocating needle device that pushes color into the lower dermis layer of the skin, causing unwanted, unnecessary discomfort.  The Softap® technique gently lifts the skin to deposit color. As a result there is a definite difference in the amount of discomfort. The hand method is far gentler, faster healing, no scabbing or bruising. Most clients can go out to dinner, return to work, or run errands immediately after their procedure.

The Softap® pigment colors have earned an excellent reputation because they look so natural. They are hypoallergenic and stay true to the selected color. Many people who have had the Softap® colors and technique said that their friends and family were surprised to hear that they had a permanent cosmetic procedure.

Simply said the hand method technique is the most gentle, the most comfortable and the most natural technique for permanent cosmetic application. Individual fine hairs can be easily and artistically designed for the brow procedure creating a dimensional look, not a fake stenciled look. Lips can be made to look fuller and sexier. The eye liner can make the lashes appear longer, darker and their natural eye color brighter. The Softap® technique is safe, precise, comfortable and the most natural looking, delivering the most beautiful results.

The Softap® pigments contain safe inorganic ingredients resulting in no allergic reactions. In addition, all items used in the procedure are 100% disposable eliminating the risk of cross contamination between individuals.

A Beautiful Investment In Yourself